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French Cottage Antiques in Fayetteville has revived the antiquing and gift community in northwest Arkansas, with none other than the daughter-in-law of Chris Bronson, former business owner of Feather Your Nest & French Quarter Antiques, at the helm. Jennifer Bronson, has returned to the scene with a renewed vision and experience her store offers antique shopping veterans, those needing a baby shower gift, and everyone in

After the passing of her mother-in-law and taking some time to focus on her family, Jen and her husband, Clayton, assessed what was next for them. Clayton encouraged her to follow her heart and continue the legacy of bringing beautiful hand-selected European antiques and gifts to Northwest Arkansas. 

“Not only has Chris left a legacy, but that experience led us to realize that life is short. We need to do what we want and what we love. So, I’m back, and the response has been so overwhelming that at times it has brought me to tears. When our former clients, who had really become like family, walk in and realize that this is my store, there’s usually a lot of screaming followed by ‘Jen! You’re back! and they’re thrilled, which just brings me so much joy.’ I knew that Feather Your Nest and French Quarters closing down left a void, but I didn’t realize just how much impact our store had on the community. To carry on what Chris had started and fulfill my passion, it doesn’t get any better than that.”


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